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Life is about living up our dreams and passions. Capturing life through the lens - the precious and fleeting moments with family, friends, and the places I've been to has been a long-time and continuous passion I've enjoyed for many years. Many friends and family already know this - its done out of love that I've flown to see them - near and far, packed my luggage not filled with clothes, but full of all sorts of props and camera gear for an on-location photo-shoot. Or those who have lifted my purse - only to find out that it weighs over 12lbs and is actually a camera bag. And the countless hours I can sit on a scene (or rock) to try to capture it in the most ideal conditions. If you have met me, you've probably already experienced this - I just don't travel anywhere without my camera.  


Its said that "Its a beautiful thing when a career and a passion comes together" and I am blessed with a career that I get to go to work each day and truly love and enjoy what I do.  Thus, my available times is limited, but my passion for photography has led me to take this side passion to an avenue to fit the lifestyle of a busy and working mom - the start of my new photography endeavor - offering in-studio photography capturing the smiles of family and the little ones.  

Its truly my passion to capture those moments, and look forward to capturing them for your family too!

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